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At the end of May 1723, Johann Sebastian Bach finally occupied the position of Kantor of the four churches of the Leipzig old town. At that moment of his career a new exciting era of creativity, perhaps the most proficient ever, had just began. In the following six years, Bach would face the ingent task of completing six complete cycles of cantatas for the liturgical year. That implied the composition of sixty new pieces corresponding to all the annual feast days. An impressive assignement that had to be executed together with several responsabilities such as conducting all the liturgical services as well as being the head of the Thomaskirche choir. In this exciting year his six new cantatas for Christmas were created. For the first time on CD Jordi Savall conducts this incredible masterpiece at the head of his ensembles together with a group of prominent soloists including the unique voice of Raffaele Pe.

Bach Christmas Oratorio BWV 248

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